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List of Athletes

The ‘Best of the Best’ was created in 2002, the year in which the AIS celebrated its 21st birthday, with 21 athletes inducted as part of the inaugural list. A further four were added in 2006 to coincide with the Institute’s 25th anniversary and five in 2011.

Athlete Sport Inducted
Alisa Camplin OAM Aerial Skiing 2001
Robert De Castella MBE Athletics 2001
John Eales AM Rugby Union 2001
Simon Fairweather OAM Archery 2001
Neil Fuller OAM Paralympic Athletics 2001

Bridgette Gusterson OAM

Water Polo 2001
Petria Thomas OAM Swimming 2001
Michael Klim OAM Swimming 2001
Rechelle Hawkes OAM Hockey 2001
Shane Kelly OAM Cycling 2001
Luc Longley Basketball 2001
Michelle Martin Squash 2001
Glenn McGrath AM Cricket 2001
Michael Milton OAM Paralympic Skiing 2001
Clint Robinson OAM Canoeing 2001
Louise Sauvage OAM Paralympic Athletics 2001
Kate Slatter OAM Rowing 2001
Zali Steggall Alpine Skiing 2001
Mark Viduka Football 2001
Vicki Wilson OAM Netball 2001
Todd Woodbridge OAM Tennis 2001
Lauren Jackson Basketball 2006
Chantelle Newbery OAM Diving 2006
Kerry-Saxby Junna Athletics 2006
Jamie Dwyer OAM Hockey 2011
Anna Meares OAM Cycling 2011
Malcolm Page OAM Sailing 2011
Ricky Ponting Cricket 2011
Matthew Cowdrey OAM Paralympic Swimming 2011

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