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Total investment 2016-17: $3,090,000 (high performance: $2,065,000; participation $950,000; other $75,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 11% 

Netball Australia has again excelled in the delivery of its high performance program. 2016 was a mid- cycle year for the Diamonds during which new athletes, combinations and strategies were trialled. The year began with a successful tour to England and culminated in a comprehensive series win over New Zealand in the Constellation Cup.

2016 was also a significant year off the court with a restructure of the domestic competition with the creation of Suncorp Super Netball and the introduction of club ownership from outside the traditional netball community. This transition is likely to present the Diamonds program with challenges in terms of athlete preparation and servicing however, Netball Australia is being proactive in its engagement with the various franchises to minimise the impact on international preparation and performance.

The netball program has maintained consistent high level performance throughout the past four- year performance cycle. Netball Australia now holds every major trophy for events in which they have competed, including gold medals at the major benchmark events, the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2015 Netball World Cup.

The sport has shown a willingness to utilise new technology and data to maintain its competitive position. Netball has demonstrated effective leadership at every level from board, executive, coaching and support staff and through strong athlete leadership has developed a great performance based culture at Diamonds level.

Governance commentary

Netball Australia is performing well in adopting the ASC’s Mandatory Sports Governance Principles and demonstrates best practice for governance in many areas, including the operation of its nominations committee and audit committee, board performance evaluation, and annual reporting. Netball Australia should address the dual roles of chair and president in the constitution and continue to focus on the overall sport alignment.

2016 Benchmark event // Constellation Cup

Medal target: 1

Actual: gold 1 silver 0 bronze 0 total 1

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