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Total investment 2016-17: $2,500,250 (high performance: $1,960,000; high performance - para $280,250; participation $200,000; other $60,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 71% 

The Olympic program maintained its rating in 2016 by winning an Olympic gold medal with Catherine Skinner in the women’s trap (shotgun) event. It was an event the sport had identified at the start of the cycle. The Paralympic program did not achieve any medals and as a result the overall rating of this program has been downgraded from 2015.

The top priority following the conclusion of the cycle was the establishment of national centres in    both Melbourne and Adelaide in partnership with the Victorian Institute of Sport and South Australian Sports Institute. These centres have commenced operation and good alignment between partners currently exists.

The recruitment of a national shot gun coach was a high priority after the Games and Adam Vella has been appointed to this position. Shotgun is the priority discipline with a targeted approach being taken in other areas to ensure the best athletes are supported to achieve results in other disciplines.

The performances of Olympic shooters in 2016 demonstrated a continuation of the strong progress that had been achieved over the previous three years. Other significant achievements by shooters in 2016 included Olympic finals for Laetisha Scanlan (women’s trap) and James Willett (men’s double trap). Laetisha was the highest ranked athlete going in to the finals and finished fifth, and James was the youngest finalist by 10 years and also finished fifth.

Shooting has identified a number of emerging elite athletes for the future. Shooting’s ongoing challenge will be to continue to change the culture of the sport, unwind entrenched conventions and increase depth of athletic and coaching talent.

Despite a number of promising top-eight performances throughout the Rio cycle, the sport was unable to convert these into medal results at the Paralympic Games.

Governance commentary

Shooting Australia (SA) continues to perform strongly against the ASC’s Mandatory Sports Governance Principles. This year it has increased its already strong gender balance on its board. Shooting showed strong leadership by embarking on reforming the governance of the sport, and with the support of the ASC, the shooting disciplines have commenced working with each other for whole-of-sport outcomes. The continued implementation of this reform is imperative for long-term sustained success of Shooting in Australia. SA needs to prioritise the development of its integrity framework; with particular focus on the sports science and sports medicine principles and the training and education programs that underpin these policies.

2016 Benchmark event // Olympic Games

Medal target: 1-2

Actual: gold 1 silver 0 bronze 0 total 1

2016 Benchmark event // Paralympic Games

Medal target: 1-2

Actual: gold 0 silver 0 bronze 0 total 0

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