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Total investment 2016-17: $11,028,787 (high performance: $8,320,285; high performance - para $1,888,502; participation $650,000; other $170,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 44% 

The implementation of the Swimming Australia review has had a positive impact, generating an improvement in results. At the Rio Olympic Games, Australia finished second on the medal tally compared with its seventh place finish in London. With a return of a strong culture, the focus is now on improving performance execution to deliver at benchmark events, particularly the Olympics. At the Paralympic Games, Australia finished fifth on the medal tally with a young group of athletes.

Key leadership staff have been reappointed as the sport heads into the Tokyo cycle, providing stability and direction across nine podium centres in order to drive quality of coaching, embedded performance support, and improved facility access.

Swimming is progressing relationships with several universities and intends to invest in developing greater capacity to enhance data management to enable more evidence-based decision making.

Swimming achieved its performance target at the Rio Olympic Games, winning three gold medals, including two individual gold medals.

Despite finishing second on the medal tally, Australia performed below the level projected based on 2015 performances. Considering the preparation, there were opportunities missed and a number of performances fell below expectations. The conversion rate of Olympic finalists into medallists, as well as individual performance times between Olympic trials and Olympic finals, will be reviewed.

At the Paralympics, the total 29 medals was within the targeted total Australia’s Winning Edge performance range, with the nine gold medals inclusive of three new world records, just below the gold medal target of 11–15. This was the largest team ever sent to a Paralympic Games indicating significant depth of talent.

Access to competition has been satisfactory but further development is required into the next cycle to address gaps identified between trials and benchmark events.

Governance commentary

Swimming Australia has had considerable engagement with stakeholders to build a stronger whole-of- sport strategy, and continues to perform strongly regarding integrity matters. In order to achieve greater compliance with the principles, swimming would need to adopt constitutional change detailing that a former CEO cannot join the board for three years after leaving their position.

2016 Benchmark event // Olympic Games (including open water swim)

Medal target: 9-11

Actual: gold 9 silver 4 bronze 3 total 10

2016 Benchmark event // Paralympic Games

Medal target: 28-32

Actual: gold 9 silver 10 bronze 10 total 29

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