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Total investment 2016-17: $780,967 (high performance: $250,350; high performance - para $290,000; participation $200,000; other $40,617).

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 51% 

Both the Olympic and Paralympic programs achieved their Rio Games performance targets, with two top 16 results at the Olympics and a silver medal in the Paralympics (Sam von Einem).

In 2016 table tennis conducted a thorough review of its high performance program, the outcomes of which included a rationalisation of the program’s leadership structure. From January 2017 the program moved to a single high performance director who has responsibility for both the Olympic and Paralympic programs through to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. At the same time the coaching structure in the Olympic program has been reorganised to ensure an increased focus on supporting  the key 2018 athletes.

Table tennis continued to make progress in the development of its para high performance program during the 2013–2016 cycle. The program is now working well across key areas and is focused on growing its opportunities for capturing new athletes. This includes ongoing work with the Australian Paralympic Committee on athlete profiling and identification.

The Paralympic program also made good use of its newly developed Virtual Interactive Training and Education System to link the national para coaching and performance services team with home coaches. The use of this system is be broadened to include the Olympic program in 2017.

Governance commentary

Table Tennis Australia has continued to work towards adopting the Mandatory Sports Governance Principles, however it must continue to adopt constitutional reform to include a chair elected by the board, maximum terms for directors and having independent directors. The sport is performing well against the integrity principles, however would benefit from the development of education and training to support key policies. Table Tennis Australia may wish to consider undertaking a board evaluation in 2017.

2016 Benchmark event // Olympic Games

Medal target: -

Non-medal target: Y

2016 Benchmark event // Paralympic Games

Medal target: 0-1

Actual: gold 0 silver 1 bronze 0 total 1

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