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The EITAAP grants are providing opportunities for Indigenous athletes

The Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program (EITAAP) is an initiative that is jointly managed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C).

Funding is available for athletes, coaches, managers or officials to assist with out-of-pocket travel and accommodation expenses when attending eligible national championships or international competitions.

Please note the ASC is accepting EITAAP applications for eligible events held up to 30 June 2017.  Applicants may apply up to two months after the competition has taken place but paid receipts for out-of-pocket travel and accommodation expenses must be supplied with an application.

The ASC is not currently in a position to process EITAAP funding applications for events beyond 30 June 2017.  

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for an EITAAP grant, an indigenous sportsperson and their sponsoring organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Note that if you have not received EITAAP before, you must include a Confirmation of Aboriginality with your application.  These documents can be obtained from most local Indigenous organisations, land councils or health centres.
  • Be participating as an athlete, coach, manager or official in:
  • Be 12 years or older at the time of the competition (exceptions may be made for SSA championships).
  • Competing in junior or open level competitions.
  • Have completed and submitted an EITAAP application before the event, or within two months of the completion of the event.
  • Have out-of-pocket expenses for travel and accommodation, and need to pay these to your sponsoring organisation and/or you are organising the travel and/or accommodation yourself.

Along with meeting the eligibility criteria, to receive a grant applicants and sponsoring organisations must abide by the program Terms and Conditions.

Who is not eligible?

You are not eligible for EITAAP if you are a sportsperson who is:

  • Not paying a levy to attend the competition.
  • Not paying for travel and/or accommodation.
  • Under the age of 12 at the time of the competition.
  • Participating in a competition in your home town (within 200 kilometres in distance).
  • Participating in a competition that involves prize money.
  • Participating in a professional event.
  • Participating in a commercial tour (example, Sports Travel Australia).
  • Participating in an Indigenous-only team.
  • Participating in a competition where there is no clear selection process.
  • Participating in a senior/masters division or competition.

Application Process

Applications can be submitted using the form available for download via the link below or the 'Additional Resources' link at the bottom of this page.  Applicants may apply prior to the championships/competition being held, or within two months after the championships/competition has taken place.

The EITAAP Application Form is an interactive form that can either be: 

  1. Completed online, printed, and posted or emailed to the ASC; or
  2. Printed, completed in pen and posted or emailed to the ASC.

If you need to contact us, please do so by emailing:, or alternatively call 02 6214 1261. 

EITAAP Application Form and Fact Sheet

Completed applications can be returned via:

Post:   Funding Section
               Australian Sports Commission
               PO Box 176
               BELCONNEN ACT 2617



EITAAP funding is available to assist with out-of-pocket travel and accommodation expenses only.  Eligible sportspersons can apply for up to:

  • a maximum of $1,000 per financial year for eligible national championships; and
  • up to a maximum of $3,000 per financial year for eligible international competitions.

Applicants must note:

  • Funding is provided for travel to get to the competition and return home.
  • The competition venue must be 200 kilometres or further in distance from the applicants address.
    • If flying, the cost of a standard economy airfare can be claimed.
    • If not flying, the cost of petrol, a coach or train ticket can be claimed.
  • Accommodation is only provided for any out-of pocket expenses to the applicant.
    • The cost per night cannot exceed $70 per night for national competitions.
    • The cost per night cannot exceed $100 per night for international competitions.
  • Applications will close once the total EITAAP funding has been exhausted.

EITAAP funding cannot cover:

  • Car hire.
  • Mini-bus hire.
  • Travel during the competition.
  • Travelling less than 200 kilometres in distance.
  • Meals.
  • Uniforms.

Acquittal of Grants

  • All funding must be acquitted within two months of the championships/competition.
  • Airline, accommodation, travel agent receipts and petrol receipts must be supplied for all expenses claimed.
  • Applicants may apply up to two months after the championships/competition has taken place, and acquittal documentation/receipts must be supplied with an application.
  • Once a completed application has been submitted with all documentation, the applicant and sponsoring organisation will be notified on the outcome within three weeks.

Contact Us

For any enquiries, please contact the EITAAP administrators on:

Phone: (02) 6214 1261

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