Watson sets new records during AIS testing

Watson during his record breaking effort on the treadmill
Watson during his record breaking effort on the treadmill

07 Oct 2011

Australian cross country skier Callum Watson has hit the record books at the Australian Institute of Sport with an outstanding training performance at its Performance Research Centre.

This month the 22-year old broke the record for the highest VO2 Max recorded by an Australian cross country skier at the AIS as well as the record for the longest time on the cross country skiing VO2 Max protocol on the treadmill.

Watson, who is the current Australian champion, recorded a VO2 of 83.9 ml/kg/min and lasted 36 minutes on the protocol.

The previous record was held by 2010 Winter Olympian Ben Sims, who recorded 35 minutes in breaking triple Winter Olympian Anthony Evans long-standing record.

The VO2 Max treadmill test starts off with a gradient of 6 degrees and with a speed of 6 km/hr. Every four minutes the treadmill increases gradient by 2 degrees and increases speed by 0.5 km/hr, continuing until the athlete can go no further.

Watson’s achievement is all the more amazing considering he is the first athlete to complete the 9th stage of the program.

The tests were part of a study funded by the AIS Performance Research Centre to compare VO2s recorded from full body and upper body activities.

Watson is currently preparing for the 2011–12 World Cup season, where he is set to take over from Ben Sim as the main Australian male cross country skier on the circuit. Narrowly missing selection for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Watson has his sights set on Sochi 2014.

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