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Clinical Sports Nutrition - edited by Louise Burke and Vicki Deakin, 2nd edition

Established as the leading international text on sports nutrition, Clinical sports nutrition is the definitive guide to the nutrition and physiological principles, practices and research of elite and serious athletes. The book covers a comprehensive range of topical issues on sports nutrition, presenting theory and most up-to-date research findings in clear, readable terms and incorporating highly practical applications specifically for practitioners working in the sports arena. This valuable reference book is essential reading for sports dietitians, practitioners, coaches and trainers and students of sports-related subjects. This second edition provides an updated and expanded collection of chapters on special issues of sports nutrition. New areas include an historical overview of sports nutrition, post-exercise recovery, sports nutrition for the older athlete, and nutritional considerations for exercise in the heat or altitude. The section on sports foods and dietary supplements has been expanded to take into account the continuing explosion of new products marketed to athletes. Practical advice on feeding athletes has been arranged into two new chapters on the travelling athlete, and catering for the athletic group. As in the first edition we have provided a unique blend of state-of-the-art knowledge in sports nutrition principles, an appreciation of the unique lifestyles and practical needs of athletes, and specialised expertise in nutrition assessment, education and counselling. Each chapter includes a comprehensive review of the current theoretical aspects of sports nutrition, and a separate discussion of the issues underpinning the implementation of this information into real-life practice.

Two chapters from Clinical sports nutrition are available for viewing online:
Chapter 21: Special needs: the vegetarian athlete. PDF (94 Kb)
Chapter 26: Providing meals for athletics groups. PDF (107 Kb)

Sydney : McGraw-Hill, 2000
xviii, 465 pp ISBN 0 074700 85 5

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Peak Performance: training and nutritional strategies for sport - John Hawley and Louise Burke

Peak performance is a one-stop text for coaches, athletes and students of sports science who want to improve their knowledge and sporting performances by the application of scientific training and nutritional principles. It combines the results of state of the art research from the world leaders in these fields, together with practical guidelines to meet the challenges of daily training and nutrition in the preparation for competition. The book investigates:

  • The body’s power systems and how the body responds to training
  • How to measure performance and test fitness specific to the needs or your sport
  • Devising particular training programs for endurance, team or power sports
  • Special strategies to help you get it right on the day
  • Clever eating before, during and after a session – either training or competition – to ensure your best possible performance
  • Eating to maximise recovery between training sessions
  • Which supplements are best and how to use them
  • Appraisal of the latest scientific aids and strategies (heart-rate monitors, altitude and hill training, warming up and warming down, drafting and pacing)
  • The limits to athletic performance.

Two chapters from Peak Performance are available for viewing online:
Chapter 11: Changing body size and shape
Chapter 14: Eating for recovery

Sydney : Allen & Unwin, 1998
A5 464pp ISBN 1 864484 69 1

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The Complete Guide to Food for Sports Performance: A guide to peak nutrition for your sport - Louise Burke, 2nd edition

Whatever your sport, if you are an athlete, you know it is essential to have your body working at peak efficiency. You want your training to provide maximum benefit and you want to achieve peak performance when you compete, whether your goal is a Gold Medal or just personal satisfaction.The Complete guide presents nutrition as an integrated part of an athlete’s total performance-enhancing package. It converts general nutrition and exercise physiology information into a plan for day-to–day training and competition preparation. This new edition has revised, expanded and updated information.The second part of the book outlines important differences in nutritional needs for different sports, including the timing of food and liquid intake, and the best foods to achieve maximum energy output. It contains case studies and discussions of typical dietary problems, enabling athletes and coaches to tailor a diet uniquely suited to individual needs, including the need for weight loss or gain. Until you understand the relationship between nutrition and performance, you cannot manage your total program effectively. When everyone is highly talented, highly trained and highly motivated, nutrition provides the winning edge that separates you from the rest.

Sydney : Allen & Unwin, 1995 
A5 374pp ISBN 1 863739 16 5

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