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Nestle and AIS Sports Nutrition

Nestle supports  AIS Sports Nutrition in the following ways:

  • Nestle Sports Nutrition Fellow - Nestle funds a Fellowship position in  AIS Sports Nutrition. The Fellowship is awarded to an up-and-coming sports dietitian who is interested in developing skills in sports nutrition. The Fellow works within Sport Nutrition to develop expertise in sports nutrition research, athlete counselling and education and the development of education tools.
  • Funding nutrition activities in the AIS Dining Hall. For example, our nutrition cards (nutritional information about what's in our recipes and menu items), education boards and theme nights (special nights where our athletes design the menu and get dressed up according to a theme).
  • Funding research activities:
    • Effect of carbohydrate intake on half-marathon performance of well-trained runners.
    • Different protocols of caffeine intake affect metabolism and performance of prolonged cycling.
    • Effects of adaptation to a high-fat diet followed by carbohydrate restoration on metabolism and performance of ultra-endurance cycling.
  • Funding the development of education resources for use at the AIS and in the public domain. Successful resources include:
    • Our A Winning Diet booklet is a great resource for students, parents, coaches and athletes. The booklet has been written by the sports dietitians at the AIS. Nestle have made it possible to access the booklet free of charge.
    • Survival Cookbook Series: with Nestl's support, we have produced the popular Survival series of cookbooks. The Recipes and Publications sections of our site provide further information on these books.

Nestle currently sponsors the Topics Fact Sheets and FAQ section of our website.

Nestle PETERS is a trade mark owned outside Western Australia by Societe de Produits Nestle SA, a Nestle company. PETERS is a trade mark owned in Western Australia by the Peters and Browne Group which manufactures and sells ice cream products in western Australia. There is no connection between the Nestle companies and the Peters and Browne Group of Western Australia. The advertised products are manufactured by a Nestle company and are not available in Western Australia.

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