We are currently finalising the resources for the new AIS Sports Supplements Program.

The AIS Sports Supplement Program 2012:

  • is a cutting-edge program initiated in 2000 following a major review of supplement practices by AIS athletes and their related issues
  • is designed to provide world’s best practice in the research, education and provision of sports foods and supplements for AIS athletes and coaches. 
  • is overseen by the AIS Sports Supplement Panel, whose membership includes people playing key roles in the AIS and ASC environment which intersect with supplement use by AIS athletes. The AIS Sports Supplement Panel meets regularly to update the principles and practices of the program.
  • is driven largely by AIS Sports Nutrition team, with daily activities including the maintenance of high level education resources related to supplements and sports foods, a pro-active research program, and a database to track use of supplement products by AIS athletes.
  • is a leadership activity of the AIS is offered to National Sporting Organisations and members of the National Institute Network in Australia via a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence.
  • communicates its activities and resources principally via the AIS Sports Nutrition website which provides free and transparent information to internet users.

The AIS Sports Supplement Program 2012 has been designed for the specific needs of AIS and other Australian athletes. It is recommended that other athletes and groups seek independent advice before using any supplement.

Supplements can assist AIS athletes to achieve peak performance. However, poor regulation of the supplement industry allows athletes to be bombarded with marketing hype that exaggerates or completely invents unproven benefits arising from the use of supplements. Unfortunately, the driving force behind the supplement practices of many athletes is not sound science applied to the specific needs of a sport. Instead, some athletes are motivated by fear that their competitors might be taking supplements and that they can't afford to miss out on any 'performance edge'.

The results of the present frenzy of supplements in sport are:

  • a small but real risk of a positive 'doping' outcome
  • money being wasted on products that simply do not work
  • time, money and belief being distracted away from the factors that can really enhance health, recovery and performance

The AIS Sports Supplement Program aims to:

  • allow AIS athletes to focus on sound use of supplements and special sports foods as part of their special nutrition plans
  • ensure that supplements and sports foods are used correctly and appropriately to deliver maximum benefits to the immune system, recovery and performance
  • give AIS athletes the confidence that they receive 'cutting edge' advice and achieve 'state of the art' nutrition practices
  • minimise the risk of supplement use leading to an inadvertent doping offence.

The AIS Sports Supplement Program is made available to other sporting bodies under a royalty-free, non-exclusive licensing arrangement. Details can be found in the member's area.

For information on the AIS Sports Supplement program, contact Louise Burke at the Australian Institute of Sport.

AIS Sports Supplement Panel

The AIS Sports Supplement Panel makes decisions about the status of supplements within the AIS Sports Supplement Program: 

This is a proactive program that has been successful in evolving to meet the continuing needs of our sports and to take advantage of new knowledge in sports science. The panel meets regularly but will meet on request to consider new supplements, or to modify our present classification system. AIS members should contact Louise Burke with any comments.

  • Matthew Favier - Director, AIS
  • Phil Borgeaud - AIS Deputy Director, Strategy and Relations
  • Nick Brown - AIS Deputy Director, Research and Applied Science
  • Professor Louise Burke - Head, AIS Sports Nutrition
  • Dr David Hughes - Head, AIS Sports Medicine
  • Craig Purdam -  AIS Physical Therapies
  • Professor Chris Gore - Head, AIS Physiology
  • Julian Jones - Head, AIS Strength and Conditioning 
  • Dr Shona Halson - Head, AIS Physiology Recovery
  • Alison Cooke - Senior Project Officer, Integrity In Sport
  • Tim Kelly - Manager, Research and Applied Science
  • Ralph Richards - AIS Clearinghouse

           AIS Sports Nutrition Support

  • Dr Liz Broad - Clinical Services Manager 
  • Dr Greg Cox - Senior Sports Dietitian
  • Greg Shaw - Senior Sports Dietitian
  • Bronwen Lundy - Senior Sports Dietitian
  • Nikki Jeacocke - Sports Dietitian
  • Christine Dziedzic - Sports Dietitian
  • Alisa Nana - Physique and Fuel Centre Research Dietitian
  • Jo Mirtschin - Food Service Dietitian
  • AIS Fellows - Adam Zemski, Louise Cato and Alicia Norris 

            AIS Physiology Support

  • Dr David Martin - Senior Sports Physiologist
  • Associate Professor David Pyne - Senior Sports Physiologist
  • Philo Saunders - Senior Physiologist
  • Tony Rice - Senior Physiologist
  • Hamilton Lee - Senior Physiologist
  • Dale Chapman - Senior Physiologist  

            AIS Strength and Conditioning Support

  • Ross Smith - Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach

            AIS Sports Medicine Support

  • Dr Greg Lovell - Sports Physician
  • Ryan Kohler - Sports Physician

            AIS Physical Therapies Support


            AIS Supplement PhD Scholars Support

  • Wei Chung
  • Matt Hoon


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