Network Marketing Companies

  • Network marketed supplements are not recommended or endorsed by the AIS
  • It is our recommendation that the AIS, its coaches, athletes and other staff members avoid contact with the distributors of these companies and their products
  • We will not accept products to test on our athletes

Self-injection by AIS athletes

  • All therapeutic medications, supplements, vitamins and any other agent being considered for use by an AIS athlete MUST BE DECLARED to an AIS medical practitioner as soon as is practicable
  • Approval for an AIS athlete to inject himself or herself with an agent can only be provided by the Head, AIS Department of Sports Medicine on referral from an AIS medical practitioner
  • Approval will depend upon the need for self-injection (eg. insulin for diabetes mellitus; adrenalin for severe allergic reactions), the assessment of risk to the athlete associated with self-injection, and the need for the agent to be injected (as distinct from ingested as capsules, tablets, powders etc)

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