Other Resources

  1. The textbook, Clinical Sports Nutrition [Burke and Deakin, eds; 4th Edition, 2010: McGraw Hill, Sydney), provides a comprehensive review of current knowledge on sports supplements. This chapter includes the summary tables of research investigating the effectiveness of supplements in athletes.
    Supplements and Sports Foods

  2. Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) is a professional organisation of dietitians specialising in the field of sports nutrition.
    Sports Dietitians Australia

  3. Sports Medicine Australia is a national multidisciplinary organisation committed to enhancing the health of all Australians through safe participation in sport and physical activity.
    Sports Medicine Australia

  4. Australian anti-doping organisations
    Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
    Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee

  5. International anti-doping organisation
    World Anti-Doping Agency

  6. INFORMED-CHOICE is a certification program for sports supplements, ingredients and manufacturing facilities, which assures athletes that products carrying the INFORMED-CHOICE mark have been regularly tested for substances considered prohibited in sport.
    Informed Choice Program

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