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Laura Scherian
Laura Scherian

The AIS is transitioning out of directly delivering sport programs to empower sports to manage their entire high performance pathway, a priority action of Australia's Winning Edge.

For details on the high performance plans of individual sports please contact the relevant national sports organisation.

Netball is a fast, skilful game that requires players to have speed, strategy, agility and endurance. It is a strategic game that relies heavily on teamwork but individuals also play in highly specialised positions. It is this combination that requires advanced coaching techniques that the AIS is ideally placed to provide.

Netball was one of the eight founding sports of the AIS and remains the key netball development program in Australia. Encompassing Netball Australia's national 21 and under program, the key objective is to remain the world number one nation at this elite level.

A key phase of the program is an annual international tour which exposes players to the rigours of travel, cultural diversity and a unique opportunity to play against world class opposition and different international styles of netball.

Training is based on skills and tactics employed by the Australian Netball team to compete successfully against their major international competitors. The AIS team provides support to the national team in its preparation for key events such as the Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

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