2010 AIS Swim Team
2010 AIS Swim Team

The AIS is transitioning out of directly delivering sport programs to empower sports to manage their entire high performance pathway, a priority action of Australia's Winning Edge.

For details on the high performance plans of individual sports please contact the relevant national sports organisation.

Swimming for fitness or competition is fun. Learning to swim well also plays a major role in safety, with so many of our Australian cities located on or near coastal beaches. This helps shape Australia as one of the strongest swimming nations in the world. The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Swimming program builds on this by providing access to top coaches and technicians to develop their potential to be the best in the world. AIS swimmers undertake comprehensive training programs to prepare them physically and mentally so that they can compete at their best both domestically and internationally.

About AIS Swimming

The Swimming program at the AIS commenced in 1981 in Canberra, and was one of the eight foundation sports of the Institute. As well as conducting the residential scholarship program, the AIS also:

  • All AIS Swimming scholarship holders have the opportunity to participate in international swim meets to further enhance their competition skills.  This is considered a vital part of a athletes preparation in representing Australia.  The AIS Swim program funds international competition on a yearly basis
  • hosts selected national and international swimmers for specialised training visits
  • conducts meets on a needs basis

The objectives of the residential program are to promote swimming excellence and to provide opportunities for each elite or potentially elite athlete to follow both a sporting and academic or working career.

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