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All physiologists have undertaken university courses (initially an undergraduate science degree, then a postgraduate degree such as an honours, masters or PhD) in Exercise Science, Human Movement, Sport Science, Physical Education or a related field. Increasingly, high school students are gaining an interest in Physiology through physical education curriculum.

In the initial stages of a university degree students should include a broad range of subjects including anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, coaching science, skill acquisition, psychology, statistics, information technology, sociological aspects of sport, before focusing special projects and advanced studies in third and fourth year on exercise physiology. Apart from an academic program, students should have a passion for sport, a burning curiosity about sports science and they should endeavour to obtain some practical experience in exercise physiology laboratory or with elite sports team or program.

The Physiology Department at the Australian Institute of Sport offers a limited number of placements on an annual basis to students who wish to gain industry experience, as detailed below.

  • Postgraduate Scholarship (Quality Assurance)
  • Postgraduate Scholarship (Biochemistry/Haematology)
  • Postgraduate Scholarship (Fatigue/Recovery)
  • Occupational Training Position

Please refer to the related links for further information on these opportunities, employment and working at the AIS.

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