Fully qualified medical practitioners can take a four-year training course to become a sports physician.

The training program is conducted by the Australasian College of Sports Physicians (ACSP) who provide the only specialist level clinical training program in sports medicine and sport and exercise medicine in Australasia.

The training program culminates in the award of a Fellowship in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Registrar position

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) department of Sports Medicine offers a one-year scholarship to trainees of the ACSP program.

This position provides an opportunity to learn from professionals at the forefront of the sports medicine field through a mix of work and associated research and learning.

This position offers trainees the opportunity to focus on high performance athletes and work closely with the AIS Physical Therapies department and other sports science disciplines.

Supervised training by senior sports physicians is available for clinical sessions and team coverage opportunities are also provided as part of the position.

In combination with ACT sports physicians and imaging groups, regular tutorials are provided each week. Research opportunities are available and access to first-class reference materials and educational resources are provided on site.

Clinical placements

AIS Sports Medicine has a close relationship with the Australian National University Medical School and offers teaching and research opportunities and clinical placements to students of the school.

Due to this commitment, Sports Medicine does not have the resources to accept other students on clinical placement.

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