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Sample Programs

Every AIS experience is unique. Our dedicated staff will work with you to tailor a program particular to your needs — whether you are a club, school team, representative side or professional sporting team.

A typical program while on a sports camp at the AIS might be:


Sports performance breakfast — join AIS athletes in the dining hall for a full buffet breakfast.


The sports science scene: nutrition — learn how to fuel your body for maximum performance with this detail-packed nutrition lecture.


Trained by some of the best — take part in an interactive session run by AIS coaches or athletes on top-quality fields and courts. Go through training drills, skills and match-play exercises.


Sports performance lunch — join athletes in the dining hall for a full buffet lunch.


The sports science scene: skill acquisition — learn from our specialists, who investigate the factors that affect the acquisition, performance and retention of sports skills in both developing and elite athletes.


Improve your fitness: Boxafit — enjoy a self-defence workout that builds confidence, and improves aerobic capacity, coordination and teamwork.


Sports performance dinner — join athletes in the dining hall for a full buffet dinner.


Athlete presentation — an athlete will speak about their experiences as an elite athlete and training at the AIS. Take the opportunity to ask questions and learn what it is like to be one of Australia’s best.



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Matt Cowdrey is Australia's winner of the most Paralympic medals, having won 23 Gold, 7 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.