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The focus of the AIS Applied Research Centre is to increase the capacity for relevant research across the diverse disciplines that comprise the Sports Science Sports Medicine departments of the AIS. In addition to ‘in-house’ research, the Centre is the vehicle for negotiation with potential collaborators and funding agencies, as well as for promotion of innovative achievements.

The Centre coordinates a Post-Graduate Scholarships which aims to progress Australia’s next generation of sports scientists by giving students the opportunity to work closely with AIS programs in an ‘applied’ setting. In coordinating the scheme, the Centre works closely with Universities and the relevant sports to ensure the successful candidates have the academic credentials, as well as the ability to fully immerse themselves in the high performance sports environment.

Research funding is provided on a competitive basis with a number of funding mechanisms available. The Centre welcomes external collaborators who can demonstrate technology or innovation that will have a direct performance outcome for AIS athletes. External (non AIS) researchers must liaise with an appropriate sport scientist at either the AIS (refer to various sports science/medicine departments) and/or a sport scientist at one of the state/territory institutes/academies of sport to seek their endorsement before proceeding with a funding application. This is to ensure the research will have a truly practical application in preparing Australia’s elite athletes for international competition. All research must obtain ‘Ethics Committee’ approval prior to application.

A key component of the Centre’s activity is the formation of collaborative arrangements that provide the AIS with increased access to expertise and other research resources. The Centre has enjoyed enormous success on this front, collaborating with Universities, Businesses, Sporting Organisations and other government research agencies. Most recently, the Centre has been involved with large scale research projects with the CSIRO and National ICT Australia (NICTA).

Published AIS Research

Research published by the Australian Institute of Sport staff since 1981 can be located in the National Sport Information Centre (NSIC) Catalogue. Click on the AIS Sports Science Publications menu in the catalogue screen.

Research covers biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, physiology, talent identification, medicine, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, performance analysis and skill acquisition. There are over 2000 titles listed.

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Australia's most successful Olympic event is the Men's 1500m Freestyle.

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