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The Australian Sports Commission recently launched the Market Segmentation for Volunteers research.

This research is the most detailed picture we have ever had of sport volunteers in Australia.

More than 2.3 million people — or 14 per cent of the adult population — volunteer with sport and physical recreation organisations. Without these volunteers, sport in Australia could not survive.

This dependence means we need to understand:

  • why people volunteer; and
  • the barriers that may prevent people from volunteering.

This research will help organisations create strategies to recruit volunteers and ensure our sporting landscape remains strong.

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How do I access all research projects?

To access all the information on past and future research projects of the ASC in the participation space and beyond (including the Market Segmentation for Sport Participation studies), please go to our unique URL...

The NSR is responsible for managing the ASC’s community sport research agenda.

Duties and responsibilities of the NSR include:

  • Identifying and articulating key research issues significant to the ASC and broader sport sector;
  • Ensuring the ASC has in place a clear and consistent research framework;
  • Commissioning and contract managing significant research projects;
  • Reviewing, critiquing and integrating relevant research findings with current and future ASC business practices and policies;
  • Disseminating sport-related research findings and educating stakeholders on their relevance and appropriate use; and
  • Contributing to and supporting the cross-government research agenda managed by the Committee of Australian Sport and Recreation Officers Research Group (CRG)

Our core objectives are to collect and analyse robust data and market intelligence to:

  • Gather evidence on sector-wide issues related to community participation, on three levels:
    • Value of sport: Economic, Social, Health;
    • Demand for Sport: Adults, Children, Women, Indigenous, Disability, Migrants;
    • Supply-side: Sport offering – products/services, Sport delivery models, Workforce.
    • Guide policy formulation and decision making.

We primarily target our efforts on major sector-wide research initiatives that all of sport can benefit from, and that can also be built upon over time.

To achieve these goals, we currently use a range of approaches, including:

  • Utilising our internal expertise in commercial, social and market research;
  • Contracting a range of research providers; and
  • Collaborative research partnerships with other government agencies and universities.

We again strongly encourage you to go to:

Also, National Sport Research can be contacted on:

Phone: (02) 6214 1313
Fax: (02) 6214 1836

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