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European Training Centre

  • The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has signed a formal agreement with the Varese Provincial Government to finalise a contract for the construction of a European Training Centre (ETC) for Australian athletes.

  • The Centre will be used by Australian athletes and teams in preparing for elite competition like the 2012 London Olympics.

  • The Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission has committed $11 million towards the establishment and operation of the European Training Centre at Gavirate, on the shores of Lake Varese in northern Italy.

  • This will provide AIS and Australian athletes with access to the same world’s best Australian sports science and s ports medicine advice and services that they currently enjoy in Australia.

  • The ETC will also provide Australian athletes with consistent, high-quality and cost effective accommodation, training facilities, transport and other vital support services such as sports science and medicine.

  • This is a huge boost to Australian sport, as historically the vast distance between Australia and Europe and the expense of travel and accommodation has been an impediment to training and competing here.

  • The northern Italian province was chosen for its warm climate with little rain, its proximity to Milan and its international airport (40 kilometres from Gavirate), quiet roads for training with little traffic, good access to other European competition venues and access to a variety of training facilities.

  • Other local facilities that Australian teams will have free access to as part of the arrangement are: international rowing course, 50-metre outdoor and indoor swimming pools, 400-metre athletics track, basketball stadiums, soccer pitches and an archery field.

  • AIS sports and Australian national teams can use the facility and early indications are that it will be well supported by a number of sports including rowing, cycling, canoeing, athletics, triathlon, basketball, tennis, boxing, archery and shooting.

  • Importantly though the region was chosen for the support of the Varese provincial government who are looking to establish the region as a sporting precinct and who have generously committed some 5 million Euros to construct the facility.

  • Australian athletes have a great advantage in their access to the world’s best advice and support in technology, sports science and sports medicine thanks to expertise at the AIS and the network of state and territory institutes and academies of sport.

  • The ETC will replicate this Australian innovation and expertise in sports science and sports medicine and establish it in Europe allowing Australia to maintain its competitive advantage when training or competing overseas.

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