Regional coordinators

Q. What is the role of the Active After-school Communities (AASC) Regional Coordinator?

A. The role of the AASC Regional Coordinator is to:

  • Identify, train and register suitable community coaches within the community to meet the quality standards set by the program.
  • Assist schools/Out of School Hours Care Services (OSHCS) (sites) to develop a suitable sporting program that will engage children from within their community.
  • Link registered community coaches with sites to meet their program requirements.
  • Monitor, assess and provide feedback to community coaches to ensure quality of program delivery.
  • Encourage community coaches to promote opportunities for participants to join local sporting clubs after involvement in the AASC program.
  • Support local sporting clubs to recruit and retain participants from the AASC program.
  • Explore and identify opportunities for unique community initiatives to enhance the outcomes of the AASC program.

Q. Who decides on what is delivered at a site?

A. The site in consultation with their AASC Regional Coordinator determines what sport or other structured physical activity programs are delivered. The only requirement is that the site uses Australian Sports Commission registered community coaches. The choice will be determined by a number of factors including:

  • Environment
  • Age/ability level of children
  • Identified barriers to involvement in physical activity
  • Inclusion principles
  • Special need considerations
  • Local community resources.

AASC Regional Coordinators will work with sites and community coaches to ensure that the programs delivered are varied and fun and engage maximum participation.