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1. Jobs

Detailed information concerning employment including current job advertisements can be found in the Jobs section on the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) website. We do not accept unsolicited resumes or CVs.

The Careers and Courses page of the ASC website also has information about educational and employment opportunities at the ASC and other organisations.  

2. Work experience

Work placement opportunities at the ASC are not available for school students or students enrolled in overseas universities. There are only limited placements/scholarships offered to undergraduate students and postgraduate students enrolled in Australian universities.

University students interested in work experience placements in the Active After-school Communities (AASC) program may contact the relevant Zone Administrator who will put you in contact with the appropriate AASC Regional Coordinator.

Please note that AASC Regional Coordinators are under no obligation to take on work experience students so the decision will be at their discretion. 

3. Coaching opportunities

If you are interested in participating as a coach in the AASC program then you must:

  • Complete a free Community Coach Training Program (CCTP)
  • Submit a Probationary registration form
  • Return a satisfactory National Criminal History police check or Working With Children Check.

Refer to the Get Involved section of this website for more details. As an initial step,  review the CCTP Training Dates for a course close to where you live and contact the Course Administrator who will answer all of the questions you have.

If there is not a course close to you, please send a message to the relevant Zone Administrator who will put you in contact with the appropriate AASC Regional Coordinator.  

4. Assistance with study

Unfortunately we do not have the staff resources to provide material to the large number of individual students who contact us. It is suggested that you review the resources available in your school, university or public library including the expertise of your librarian.

The Finding Sport Information area on the ASC website has been designed to assist you to locate information on specific sports played in Australia or sports topics of interest to students and teachers.

You might also like to search :

  • The SportScan Database. Use keywords such as soccer, training, season. This database includes references to sport science, coaching and administration articles held by the National Sport Information Centre (NSIC).
  • The NSIC Catalogue - lists journal articles, books and videos produced in Australia on sport and related topics.

After identifying articles from the database, copies of the full paper can be requested through our Document Delivery service.

Alternatively, if your question is health related you may want to direct it to the Department of Health and Ageing. 

5. Grants

The AASC program is an Australian Government initiative run through the Australian Sports Commission. Sites accepted into the program complete a grant application highlighting how they will run the AASC program and amounts are allocated, spent and acquitted accordingly.

AASC grants are not available to organisations outside of the AASC program.

Other ASC grants, managed by different sections of the Commission, can be found at this link.

6. Grievance, injury and incident reporting

Parents of children in the AASC program should discuss issues with the participating school or Out of School Hours Care Service Program Contact.

Program Contacts for participating schools, Out of School Hours Care Services and community coaches should contact their AASC Regional Coordinator in the first instance. See Grievance, injury and incident reporting for further information.  

7. Resources

Participating schools, Out of School Hours Care Services and community coaches in the AASC program receive free resources to assist with the delivery of the program. Many resources are also available to the general public on the AASC website or for purchase through the AIS shop.

Other free resources are not available for distribution. 

8. Changed contact details

Participating schools, Out of School Hours Care Services and community coaches, please inform your AASC Regional Coordinator, or Zone Administrator, if your contact details change. 

9. Other 

The ASC manages the AASC program nationally through a network of locally based regional coordinators, across four zones and a National Team based in Canberra. The four zones are:

  • Eastern zone (NSW and ACT)
  • Northern zone (QLD and NT)
  • Southern zone (VIC and TAS
  • South west zone (WA and SA) 


In making this request you are not required to provide us with any of your personal information or contact details. However, if you choose not to provide these details we may not be able to assist you or advise you of any outcomes.
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