Become a community coach

Delivering sport and other structured physical activities

Anyone may apply to become a community coach in the Active After-school Communities (AASC) program. These include, but are not excluded to: OSHCS staff, teachers, senior and tertiary students, development officers from national and state sporting organisations, local sporting club members, private providers, parents, guardians, athletes and beginner to professional coaches.

Requirements are:

Each semester, schools and Out of School Hours Care Services, identify the types of activities they would like delivered to the children participating within the AASC program. Once these activities have been identified, AASC Regional Coordinators will facilitate links between local sports clubs, community organisations and private providers to identify suitable coaches to meet these needs.

It is important to note, that while regional coordinators will undertake discussions with sites to address program design options, the decision to use, or not to use, trained community coaches is at the discretion of each site.