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Organisations interested in delivering junior sport and structured physical activity must be recognised* by the Active After-school Communities (AASC) program. Before individuals representing the organisation can become community coaches for the program they must satisfactorily meet registration requirements.  (See Become a community coach - Registration menu option).

Each semester, schools and Out of School Hours Care Services work with regional coordinators, sports organisations, or other relevant organisations, to identify activities to deliver to children participating in the AASC program and to identify suitable coaches to meet these needs.

*This does not refer to recognition of a National Sporting Organisation by the Australian Sports Commission. See Supporting Sport for further information on NSO recognition.


State specific AASC program information for State Sporting Associations/ State Sporting Organisations and Local Clubs

By providing children with a positive introduction to sport and physical activity in a fun, safe and inclusive environment, the AASC program is helping to build the foundation needed for children to naturally and confidently progress into local club sport.

The cornerstone of the AASC program is involvement of the local community in delivery of the program. By working together, sporting clubs can gain access to free coach training and grants, and can attract new members and volunteers through valuable exposure amongst young children and their parents.

The following fact sheets outline specific information about State Sporting Association /State Sporting Organisation and local club involvement in the AASC program.



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