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Community coach placement

It is up to the site, in consultation with the regional coordinator, to determine what physical activity programs are delivered. These may include modified junior sport programs or multi-skill based activities. The only requirement is that the site uses Australian Sports Commission-registered community coaches.

Community coach placement is ultimately the responsibility of the regional coordinator, however, the regional coordinator may allow the site to coordinate the placement where they feel it is suitable.

It is important to note, that while regional coordinators will undertake discussions with sites to address program design options, the decision to use, or not to use, specific community coaches is at the discretion of the site.

Site Initiated Coach Placement: Site Responsibilities

Site coordinators who have agreed to communicate directly with coaches and coaching organisations regarding coach placements for the Active After-school Communities (AASC) program should read and adhere to the following responsibilities. This will ensure that all coaches attending AASC sites are appropriately registered as per the terms and conditions of the grant application process. If you have any questions please talk to your regional coordinator.

Responsibility  Handy hints

1. Initiate the booking process as early as possible to give your site the best chance of securing the coach you have requested on your grant application form.

When completing your grant application form, list your requested coach’s contact details for ease of contact when it comes time to request bookings.

2. When requesting coaches advise the coach or organisation that you will only engage coaches who are appropriately registered for the AASC program.

Ask to see the coach’s AASC registration card on arrival. If they do not hold one, speak to your regional coordinator prior to allowing the session to start.
3. Advise your regional coordinator if you decide to request a coach other than that listed on the Grant Application form. This will allow your regional coordinator time to ensure the coach is registered appropriately. When communicating booking requests copy your regional coordinator into any correspondence.

4. Once you have confirmed that a coach will be attending, let your regional coordinator know all placement details including

  • Day, time, location (if not at site)
  • Coach's name and contact number
  • Any coaches you know not to be registered
  • Cost negotiated per session.

Copying your regional coordinator into any correspondence with coaches will keep them informed and allow your sessions to begin on the date you requested.

5. Review the Community coach payment and tax information and Community coach roles and responsibilities.


6. File the Program booking confirmation form

This form will have all the details you need for keeping in contact with your coach, especially if they are running late for a session.

7. If a coach changes at any time after your initial confirmation, advise your regional coordinator prior to that coach starting so as to ensure they are appropriately registered. See point 4.

Note: Failure to advise your regional coordinator of coach changes may result in an unregistered coach attending your site. This may result in your program being at risk of deferral or withdrawal from the program.

Have your regional coordinator's number handy in case you need to contact them straight away. Most afternoons regional coordinators are visiting sites, so their mobile number is best.
8. Report any performance issues regarding coaches to your regional coordinator in the first instance. This will allow your regional coordinator the best opportunity to monitor the situation and where appropriate mentor the coach. Welcome the coach into your site and establish open communication with them. This will make conversations regarding performance or behaviour easier to manage.
8. Use the Site checklist to ensure all processes have been completed  



Sometimes a community coach is sourced who is yet to complete the Australian Sports Commission's Community Coach Training Program or is waiting for the results of a National Criminal History check. In these circumstances individuals complete the Site acknowledgement of community coach exemption  if they begin working with a site.

Sites may wish to use the resources below to assist with making arrangements with community coaches.


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