Training agencies

Organisations such as schools, TAFE’s and private providers can apply to deliver selected coaching and officiating general principles programs. In order to become an approved agency, organisations need to be registered with their state or territory department of sport and recreation. They will need to demonstrate that they have suitable presenters and assessors to deliver and assess the general principles programs. Approved agencies must also have appropriate insurance plans that underwrite their organisation and its operations ($10 million public liability is recommended).

Courses available for delivery

Approved agencies are able to deliver:

  • Beginning Coaching General Principles
  • Introductory Level Officiating General Principles

It is recommended that participants are at least 14 years of age to undertake coaching and officiating general principles courses.

The ASC has released online versions of the Beginning Coaching and Introductory Officiating General Principles courses. The online courses can be utilised by agencies as part of their delivery of these programs. Further information on using the online courses, including suggestions on how to incorporate the online courses into classroom teaching, can be obtained by following the links to the online courses below.

Becoming a training agency

To register as a training agency, contact your state or territory department of sport and recreation (see related links) with the expection of Queensland. Organisations wanting to register that are located in Queensland will need to email.