Assessor Training

The NCAS and NOAS use competency based training principles, which involves assessment of the coach or official in order to gain an accreditation.

The ASC encourages National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) to train their assessors. To assist in this process, the ASC has developed an Assessor Training Program. The ASC Assessor Training Program is designed to assist assessors improve their skills in planning the assessment process, assessing competence, developing assessment tools and reviewing and validating assessment.

A curriculum, deliverer's guide and PowerPoint slides for the ASC Assessor Training Program can be downloaded below. The ASC also has an Assessor Training Presenter DVD available - notes for the use of this DVD are below.

The ASC Assessor Training manual (aimed at course participants) can be purchased through the AIS Shop - see related links below.

State and Territory Coaching and Officiating Centres conduct Assessor Training courses on a regular basis. See related links below for details.