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Sports Ability is an exciting inclusive games program developed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to encourage people with disability to get involved and participate in sport and active recreation.

Sports Ability has two main aims:

  • to provide people delivering sport or physical activities with more ways of including people with disability.
  • a means for people with and without disability to interact in a sporting environment.

Sports Ability is appropriate for everyone including:

  • people with or without disability
  • young people through to senior citizens

Sports Ability 2

Sports Ability 2 is the latest addition of the Sports Ability program. Sports Ability 2 can be used as either a stand-alone resource or to extend an existing Sports Ability program. The new games build on existing Sports Ability activities and add some new elements to the program.

What does Sports Ability consist of?

There are three elements of the Sports Ability inclusive games program including:

  • equipment for a variety of inclusive games, three of which are Paralympic sports.
  • resource material, consisting of easy to use activity cards and instructional DVDs that detail game rules, equipment required and suggested modification for all abilities
  • hands-on training in each state and territory through the Sports CONNECT network. Sports Ability training provides participants with an opportunity to learn about all the activities and how they promote inclusion. Workshops are easy to organise, inexpensive, practical and fun.

Sports Ability Games

The Sports Ability program includes the following games, these games can be used developmentally or to provide new pathways in disability sport:

  • Boccia (Paralympic sport) - A bowls-type target game played at the Paralympics suitable for all abilities, and provides an ideal vehicle for inclusion.
  • Goalball (Paralympic sport) - An exciting invasion game developed for players who have a vision impairment that introduces new challenges to both sighted an vision-impaired players.
  • Sitting volleyball (Paralympic sport) - A sport for players who cannot participate in standing volleyball. As all players remain seated during play, sitting volleyball is an excellent inclusive game.
  • Polybat - An accessible version of table tennis, particularly useful for young players who have coordination and control impairments. Polybat can also be used to introduce younger children to table tennis.
  • Table cricket - A dynamic table version of cricket for players of all abilities, but specifically those with complex or higher support needs. It retains the three main elements of cricket - batting, bowling, and fielding - as well as most of the rules.
  • Tee ball - A striking, fielding, throwing, atching and movement game easily modified for a range of abilities.
  • Hockey - A dynamic invasion game with adapted rules and equipment.
  • Targeting and bean bag games - A range of individual, cooperative and competitive games.
  • Traditional Indigenous games - Traditional Indigenous games that can be adapted and modified. 

How to use Sports Ability

The Sports Ability inclusive games program is presented in a flexible format that can be used developmentally or to provide new pathways in disability sport. Sports Ability can be employed in a variety of different ways, including:

  • curriculum support for the delivery of physical education programs and sport
  • as the basis of out-of school hours learning sessions based around physical activity
  • inter-school sports day compeitions and inclusive games festivals
  • as a vehicle for the creation or expansion of inclusive games in community clubs
  • the basis for a Sports CONNECT Hub

How can I purchase a Sports Ability Kit?

Sports Ability equipment can now be purchased exclusively through Modern Teaching Aids (MTA). The cost of one kit is $1999.90 plus GST or two kits (Sports Ability 1 & 2) is $3500 plus GST. Individual games or items are also available from MTA.

To order please contact Modern Teaching Aids phone on 1800 251 497 (FREECALL), email at or visit the website listed below under related links.

How to organise a Sports Ability Gala Day

See related downloads below for tips and templates to help you organise an inclusive Sports Ability Gala Day. Here you will find invitation letters, running sheets, risk management and contingency plan templates plus a host of other helpful hints for making your Sports Ability Gala Day a successful and fun event for all abilities.

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