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Terms and Conditions

  1. The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) may accept or reject any application for an Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program (EITAAP) grant in its absolute discretion.
  2. If the ASC decides to issue a grant (Grant), it will be made subject to these terms and conditions. 
  3. These terms and conditions constitute an enforceable agreement between the ASC and the sponsoring organisation (Sponsor) for the successful indigenous sportsperson (Sportsperson). 
  4. The ASC will provide the Grant to the Sponsor as a one-off payment. 
  5. If the Sponsor is required to be registered for GST:
    a) the Grant will be increased by the prevailing rate of GST; and
    b) before the Grant will be paid the Sponsor must provide the ASC with a tax invoice for the approved Grant amount which complies with the tax invoice requirements set out in the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999. 
  6. If the Sponsor is not required to be registered for GST: before the Grant will be paid the Sponsor must provide the ASC with an invoice for the approved Grant amount, which quotes the Sponsor’s Australian Business Number (ABN).
  7. The Sponsor must:
    a) only use the Grant towards the cost of the Sportsperson’s travel and accommodation for the sporting event specified in the application form (Event) or, where the Event has taken place, as a reimbursement for those purposes;
    b) maintain complete and accurate records, including all receipts, detailing the use and expenditure of the Grant, and provide a copy of those receipts (and any other such records requested) to the ASC within 2 months of the completion of the Event.  This will, where applicable, involve obtaining receipts held by the Sportsperson;
    c) repay to the ASC on request, any amount of the Grant which has not been used  for the purpose set out in these terms and conditions;
    d) ensure that it and the Sponsor meet all of the eligibility criteria (as set out in the application form and guidelines) for application and receipt of the Grant and must promptly notify the ASC if they no longer fulfil all of those eligibility criteria;
    e) use its best endeavours to ensure that the Sportsperson conducts him or herself  in a dignified and reputable manner when attending the Event, or (where the Event has already occurred) warrants that they have conducted themselves in such a manner;
    f) ensure that the Sportsperson agrees to be bound by and to comply with, the ASC’s Anti-Doping Policy available on the ASC’s website, or (where the Event has already occurred) warrant that they have complied with these requirements.
  8. Without limitation to any other rights of the ASC, if the ASC reasonably believes, at any time following the award of the Grant, that the:
    a) Sponsor has provided false or misleading information in the application;
    b) Sponsor has otherwise breached any of its obligations set out in these terms and conditions,
    then the ASC may by written notice require the Sponsor to repay to the ASC, in the ASC’s absolute discretion, all or part of the Grant. The amount notified must be repaid within 30 days of any such notice.
  9. The ASC collects personal information for the purpose of considering applications and administering EITAAP. The Sponsor warrants that the Sportsperson (and their parent/legal guardian where the Sportsperson is under the age of 18) has agreed to their information being provided to the ASC for the above purpose.  

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