The Play for life ... join a sporting club campaign encourages children and families to participate in club sport. The campaign features the *Club Finder to help people easily identify sporting clubs in their area, and also highlights volunteering opportunities for parents and family members who are ready to get involved.

This is designed to help increase club membership and encourage volunteers to improve club resources and long-term viability.

The Australian Sports Commission is taking sporting experiences right around Australia through the Play for life…join a sporting club campaign. Children in metro, regional and remote areas will experience a fun, free and safe introduction to a range of sports and physical activities. Up to 150 events are being held around the country to highlight the variety of local sports available.

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* Links are to Australian Sports Commission recognised National Sporting Organisations (NSO) and National Sporting Organisations for people with a Disability (NSOD) and their associations.

See Supporting Sport for further information on NSO and NSOD recognition at