The grass grows greener for Australian sport

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Surfing Australia were allocated $500 000 in the Federal Government's new participation funding announcement.

06 Dec 2010

The growth and development of sport at a local community level took a huge step forward last month when the Australian Sports Commission Board allocated $11 million of participation funding to national sporting organisations (NSOs).

The funding allocations range from $50 000 to $750 000 per annum, benefiting 29 Australian sporting bodies, and will be used by NSOs to introduce a wide range of new community programs and fund grassroots sporting initiatives which will further boost participation rates.

ASC CEO Matt Miller says the funding will also be used by NSOs to increase participation in important areas such as Indigenous sport, sport for people with disability, sport for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and women’s sport development programs.

‘This is a record investment in sports participation.’

‘Both the Government and ASC are committed to building on the foundations of the Australian sports system, beginning with sporting clubs at a community level. The ASC is looking forward to working with sports to achieve this goal.’

The participation funding is part of the Australian Government’s record investment of $195 million in new funding. The Commission was tasked with distributing the additional funding as a key element of the Australian sport reform package Australian Sport: The Pathway to Success.

Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia and the Australian Football League all received the highest allocation of participation funding, and other sporting organisations, including Surfing Australia, were thrilled with the level of support provided by the ASC.

Surfing Australia CEO, Andrew Stark said the funding would allow the sport to be taken to new heights in Australia.


‘This new money is the single biggest opportunity surfing has ever had to really make a difference and progress the sport in the areas of grass roots participation development right through to High Performance,’  Mr Stark said.


‘We are extremely appreciative of the support from the Australian Sports Commission and we genuinely look forward to the major positive impact this will have on our sport into the future.’

All national sporting organisations were invited to bid for the new participation funding to encourage participation in sport and active recreation from the community through to a high performance level.

Consistent with the focus on a more collaborative and effective sport system, the ASC engaged with state and territory Departments of Sport and Recreation on the assessment criteria and funding allocations.

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland said the funding announcement was a tremendous response by the Federal Government to the Crawford Review into Australian sport.

The full list of participation funding allocations are available through the ASC website.

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