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This vidcast highlights the effective community outreach work being done by the Southern Tasmania Badminton Association.

20 Jul 2012

As elite athletes continue to prepare for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, it’s important to remember achievements made closer to home at the community sport level.

This month the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) recorded another engaging vidcast to highlight the effective community outreach work being done by the Southern Tasmania Badminton Association (STBA), which has attracted international students from the University of Tasmania and local residents of multicultural backgrounds to the sport of badminton.

The vidcast captured the South Hobart activities of the STBA in real time as part of the ASC’s All Cultures initiative. Featuring the STBA 2012 Invitational Tournament, the vidcast profiles the diverse range of participants that help make the program a success, such as participants, coaches, administrators, community facilitators and partner organisations.

Kathryn Duff, a Sport Participation Adviser with the ASC, was onsite to witness the program and the filming of the resource. 

'The work in the All Cultures area highlights the role that sport can play in having a positive impact on the lives of people from multicultural backgrounds,' said Duff. 'It can be particularly important for people who are new arrivals to Australia, such as international students or migrants.'

A driving factor behind the success of the South Hobart program has been the commitment and enthusiasm of the STBA’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Program Manager.

'I am excited to be involved with the Southern Tasmania Badminton Association,' said Ernest Ng, CALD Program Manager at STBA. 'As a previous International Student at University of Tasmania, I bring an understanding of the CALD community to this role and am excited to organise events and tournaments that create community connections and increase participation.'

Prior to the vidcast, Kathryn Duff and Ralph Barba (of the Four Diegos Media production team) chatted about the diversity of the participants and the ongoing success of the All Cultures program.

The vidcast will add to the ASC’s extensive collection of All Cultures videos, which effectively highlight a range of case studies that reinforce the ability of sport to bring a community of different cultures together. Another recent All Cultures initiative has been a webinar series which attracted over 200 participants that shared examples of the work they’ve been conducting in the multicultural sport space.

To follow the latest All Cultures vidcast and view ‘behind-the-scenes’ material, follow the shoot via @ausport Tweets and the #ASCallcultures hashtag. 

To view other All Cultures videos please visit: http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/all_cultures/resources/videos.

To view recordings of the All Cultures webinar series please visit: http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/webinars/previous_webinars

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