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Introductory Level Officiating Manual

Iintroductory Level Officiating

The Introductory Level Officiating: general principles manual supports the various National Officiating Accreditation Scheme courses. This updated and revised manual focuses on the areas of self-management, managing the competition environment and people management, and gives officials the opportunity to apply inclusive techniques that provide enhanced opportunities for athletes with a disability to participate. 2006 | Paperback A4 68pp 


Advanced Level Officiating Manual

Advanced Level Officiating Manual

The Advanced Level Officiating: general principles manual expands on the themes of self-management, managing the competition environment and people management covered in the Introductory Level Officiating: general principles manual. 2006 | Paperback A4 62pp


Introductory Officiating General Principles DVD

Introductory Officiating General Principles

Introductory Officiating General Principles - These videos are designed to be used in conjunction with questioning and group discussions.

Communication in officiating - This video highlights how officials use their communications skills to enhance the sporting environment. Duration: 3.24 minutes

Risk management in officiating - This video can be used to identify how the official implements risk management strategies as part of their role. Duration: 3.36 minutes


Mentor Training Manual

Mentor Training Manual

This manual has been produced by the Australian Sports Commission to develop and enhance the skills of mentors working with coaches and officials. Topics covered in the manual include the mentoring process, knowing your mentee, setting up the mentoring relationship, skills of mentoring, communication skills, and managing and resolving conflict.


20m Shuttle Run Test

20m Shuttle Run Test

The 20m Shuttle Run Test is one of the best methods for testing aerobic fitness and is suitable for athletes in active training, coaches with large groups to teach and people exercising to improve general well-being. It contains scores which have been obtained by a wide range of groups of children and adults. All you require is a CD player and two markers placed 20 metres apart. On the CD it is possible to repeat individual tracks quickly and with great precision. It also contains additional tracks for performing constant paced interval training and a sub-maximal aerobic test. 1997 | CD


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