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The Take the Challenge Schools Resource is a sports-themed, educational initiative that is designed to teach about, model and promote student leadership in schools and local communities throughout Australia.

The Take the Challenge Schools Resources can downloaded from the Resource Downloads page or can be accessed online below.

Resource components

The Take the Challenge Schools Resource comprises:

1.Take the Challenge — Be a Leader School Diary Inserts

This component is made up of 14 diary inserts with tips, advice,  reflections and activities from role models and leaders in Australian sport. The inserts are available to all Australian secondary schools and are designed to be easily integrated into existing student school diaries. Refer to the School Diary Inserts page for more information.

2. Take the Challenge School Curriculum

This component is made up of 10 flexible units of work, each of which includes a lesson plan, student worksheets, unit extensions, advice for teachers, links to the Australian National Curriculum Framework and reporting advice to support the teacher’s delivery and students’ learning. Refer to the Take the Challenge School Curriculum page for more information.

3. My Club Challenge Resource

This component is made up of a teacher handbook and student module. It offers schools a step-by-step framework that provides students with an opportunity to work in local sporting clubs, as volunteers in a negotiated area of interest. Refer to the My Club Challenge Resource page for more information.

Resource highlights

The Take the Challenge Schools Resource is a national student leadership program that:

  • is developed on the back of important sample leadership data sourced from a cross section of secondary school students and leadership program drivers throughout Australia
  • is linked to the middle secondary school curriculum and satisfies the requirements of the National Curriculum Framework
  • is taught across multiple key learning areas such as Health and Physical Education, as well as those studies linked to non-playing aspects of sport such as English, Art and Design, Media, Mathematics, Information Technology and Communication, Personal Development, Business and Humanities
  • suits a broad range of teaching and learning abilities, experiences and levels of awareness
  • consists of three stand-alone teaching and learning components, which provide flexibility for teachers and can be taken up by schools in part or in full — to suit their circumstances, needs, resources and curriculum focus
  • provides students with opportunities to model their learning in a meaningful way in their communities
  • provides teachers with templates and tools to assist them in managing a program that requires their students to connect with their local communities.

How schools might implement the program

In order to facilitate flexibility, this program is designed to meet a wide and diverse range of needs, resources and curriculum focus of participating schools.

Schools can implement the School Diary Inserts, School Curriculum and My Club Challenge Resource as a full and comprehensive package. This is ideal if the school, or a level year within the school, has Building Student Leadership as its overarching theme for the year. Alternatively, schools might implement each component in isolation, to suit its resources and/or complement its curriculum needs and existing leadership programs.

This layered approached is designed to encourage secondary schools to consider implementing at least one or more of the components available so that as many students as possible can be exposed to the important themes and messages about leadership in this program.

Introducing Students to the qualities of a good leader

In 2010, the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) surveyed more than 500 secondary school students around Australia in Years 8 to 10, as well as 30 youth leadership program drivers and facilitators, on the topic of leadership. From the data collected, a list of qualities of a good leader was generated and used as the foundation of all teaching and learning content developed in the Take the Challenge Schools Resource.

The qualities of a good leader that students will learn about and model during this program are:

  • Respect for themselves and others
  • Honesty and trustworthiness
  • Leading by example
  • Taking responsibility
  • Being enthusiastic
  • Involving others
  • Working well with others
  • Being good communicators.

Target student audience

The Take the Challenge Schools Resource is designed for the middle levels (Years 8 to 10) in secondary schools throughout Australia. Teachers are encouraged to adjust and rework the lessons and units of work to suit the abilities, experiences and needs of their students.

Accessing the resource

The Take the Challenge Schools Resource can be downloaded at no cost to schools, from the Youth Leadership section of the ASC website or the resource CD-ROM.

Responsibility for printing costs associated with accessing the resource rests with participating schools. 

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