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WLIS Leadership Workshops

In addition to receiving the grants, all successful recipients will attend one of the 2017 ASC WLIS Leadership Workshops.

The leadership workshops will enable women to:

  • develop leadership capabilities;
  • effectively manage the challenges within their sport and life in general;
  • network with like-minded women; and
  • seek invaluable support from the experiences and knowledge of other women. 

The 2017 WLIS Leadership Workshops will be held on the following dates at four major cities:

Date Location
18-19 February 2017 Sydney (NSW, ACT residents)
4-5 March 2017 Melbourne (VIC, TAS residents)
18-19 March 2017 Adelaide (SA, NT, WA residents)
25-26 March 2017 Brisbane (QLD residents)
1-2 April 2017 Sydney (NSW, ACT residents)

Attendance at one of the ASC 2017 WLIS Leadership Workshops will be based on the grants recipient’s residential address, and at the discretion of the ASC.

The annual ASC WLIS Leadership Workshops is highly valued by WLIS recipients (satisfaction rate is >95%). Feedback from past participants:

"It was at these workshops that I grew in confidence and self-belief that I could take on leadership roles in sport. I also learnt a great deal from the other participants in terms of their journey in sport and the courses they have accessed.”
“The workshop was a great opportunity to reflect on where I was at with my (career) and my future aspirations. It definitely empowered me to renew my short and long term goals within sport and in myself.”

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