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  • General enquiry
    Contact us with your general enquiries.

  • ASC Copyright request
    The ASC's print and electronic resources, including the ASC website, are subject to copyright. Please refer to the ASC policy on copyright and website linking.

  • Complaints concerning the ASC or ASC programs
    If you have a complaint about the ASC or ASC programs, use this form. The ASC values your feedback and appreciates the opportunity to improve our services.

  • Complaints concerning a sport
    If you have a complaint about a sport or sports organisation, please click here for options.

  • Reporting Fraud
    If you know, or suspect, that fraud has been committed against the ASC, please lodge a report using this online form.

  • myAISplaybook Support
    Contact myAISplaybook technical support

  • ASC Online Learning Portal Assistance
    Use this resource for assistance with the ASC online courses, including the Community Coaching General Principles and the Introductory Officiating General Principles.