Coaching processes

Swimmer doing freestyle
Learning from the principles of war
Volume 31 Number 1
An insight into coaching philosophy from a world class coach.
Coach talking to junior athletes
Using tactical games
Volume 31 Number 1
To be successful in game play requires players to do more than execute sport-specific movement skills well.
Junior rugby players with coach
Surviving your first coaching session
Volume 30 Number 4
Taking on a coaching role the first time can be daunting — here are a few tips to help you survive.
Basketball coach at bench
Key elements for leadership teams
Volume 30 Number 3
Leadership groups have become very popular in sporting teams over the past few years. Even the media have now become comfortable using the term ‘leadership group’ and respect its role in clubs and teams. So why has it become fashionable to have a leadership group in sporting teams?
Children playing games
Teaching games for understanding
Volume 29 Number 2
Sports have traditionally been taught using the skill and drill or progressive part method. Sports are broken down into their component skills and these are then taught. This technical approach, developed after World War 2, taught the skills isolated from the game and then the skills and the game are put back together.
photo of a team
Building extraordinary teams
Volume 29 Number 1
In my experience, most people are hungry for tips and techniques, if you wanted to make a million dollars simply write a 'how to' book. People are dying to be told the secret that will help them be a better 'whatever'; everything from making a quick buck to losing weight.
Young cricketer in action
No shortcut to the top for naturally gifted
Volume 29 Number 1
They have the ability to generate envy and frustration in equal quantities - the naturally gifted athletes who drift through their training regimes, lend half an ear, at best, to their coach’s instructions, only to turn in winning performances when called upon in serious competition.
Netball coach adressing the players
How Women Lead
Volume 29 Number 3
This article looks at the common style of leadership of women in sport and then provide strategies for sporting organisations and clubs to encourage and support more women into decision-making positions.
Coach talking to his soccer team
'Bouncing back' from stress: Resilient coaching
Volume 29 Number 3
There is little doubt that coaching can be an extremely stressful profession. Coaches encounter a diverse range of challenges as part of their job.
Soccer coach addressing the players
Making first coaching impressions count through a teaching games for understanding approach
Volume 29 Number 4
First impressions count. They have the potential to influence your future relationship with a person, environment or activity. It follows then that a novice’s first impression of a sport might also be part of their willingness to play that sport.

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