Development and maturation

Alisa Camplin in boxing ring at NTID Launch
Talent transfer
Volume 30 Number 4
Talent transfer occurs informally, either through the athlete seeking opportunities for themselves based on their own intuition and motivation, or through a coach who ‘releases’ the athlete with sufficient time to try an alternative sport.
Man in gym using weights
Weight training is crucial for masters athletes
Volume 30 Number 4
Weight training focused on building muscle mass should be a vital component of the training regime of all Masters athletes, especially those involved in speed and power events.
Female diver
Where is the talent?
Volume 29 Number 3
Compare the statistics, Australia has a population approaching 21 million, the United States of America has a population of over 300 million and China’s population is over one billion.
Cyclist in action
'Gut feel' measures where science cannot go
Volume 29 Number 3
For a century or more the job of finding the next generation of elite sports people in Australia was left to the junior coach or talent scout, employing decades of experience, observing, comparing, making notes and finally coming up with the crucial recommendation: ‘This one’s got what it takes’.
'Broncos' Rugby League team training
Call for greater diversity in athletic development
Volume 29 Number 3
One of the world’s leading strength and conditioning coaches, American Vern Gambetta, believes the time has come to give his profession a more appropriate title.
Taewkondo in action
Talent identification and development a priority
Volume 29 Number 3
With London 2012 Olympic Games not too far away, the focus on talent identification has become a priority for the Australian Sports Commission with the newly formed National Talent Identification and Development (NTID) program. 
Female runners
Menstrual myth busting
Volume 28 Number 2
If it is talked about at all, it is often referred to by a euphemism: ‘the curse’, ‘the crimson tide’ or ‘that time of the month’. In the historically male-dominated sports sector, matters related to menstruation have largely been sidestepped or put in the ‘too-hard’ basket.
Women playing waterpolo
Monitoring training load
Volume 27 Number 1
Accurate monitoring of the training load can help coaches improve the preparation of their athletes for competition. In this article, we focus on the importance of monitoring training load and we also examine a simple method for the monitoring of training loads of your athletes.

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