Athlete and Dietian selecting cereal
The female athlete triad: nutrition and eating
Volume 30 Number 1
Female athletes are expected to be fit, lean and competitive in their sport. They also have the pressures of today’s society, which places a high emphasis on body image and thinness. Because of this, some athletes will use extreme measures to reshape their bodies.
a lady picking up an apple
Fruit and Veg: The Winning Edge
Volume 29 Number 3
The importance of fruit and vegetables in the diet is generally promoted with a public health focus, with an increased intake being associated to a decreased risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and some forms of cancer.
Cyclist rehydrating during competition
Athletes failing to hydrate
Volume 29 Number 2
As a coach, you will already know how important it is to make sure your athletes have ready access to fluids during a game. But are you really aware of how many players turn up to training or competitions already dehydrated?
male footballers in action
The highs and lows of diabetes and exercise
Volume 29 Number 1
Diabetes (mellitus) affects an estimated one million Australians, and exercise is considered an integral part of diabetes management.
Basketball training
Theory to practice - Effect of dehydration on skill performance in team sport players
Volume 29 Number 4
Numerous studies have shown that dehydration affects perceived fatigue and/or mental performance during endurance exercise.  However, no study has examined the effects of dehydration on vigilance in team sport athletes such as basketball players. 
Boxing in action
Event-specific nutrition and relationship to weight control
Volume 29 Number 2
Both coaches and athletes are inundated with an enormous amount of misinformation regarding methods of achieving weight control. This article aims to dispel some of this misinformation and to provide advice on event-specific weight-control strategies and challenges.
Swimmer with muscular physique
Increasing muscle mass
Volume 29 Number 4
Bulking up can play an important role in the development of many athletes. For most athletes, the intention to bulk up or increase weight is a desire to increase muscle mass and strength.
Athletes drinking
Theory to practice- Gut upsets in athletes: are there differences between water and sports drinks?
Volume 28 Number 3
What type of drink is best suited to athletes to prevent gut upsets?
Athletes eating
Pre-event Nutrition
Volume 28 Number 3
Foods and fluids consumed in the four hours prior to competition complete an athlete’s nutritional preparation. The pre-event meal adds to muscle glycogen stores if they have not been fully restored since the last exercise session.
Triathalon begining
Boosting immune function in athletes
Volume 28 Number 2
Athletes undertaking regular strenuous exercise walk a knife-edge between extreme physical well-being and impaired immune function.

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