Two athletes using computers
Blending sport and study — time management
Volume 30 Number 4
The life of an athlete can be very demanding, particularly when it comes to juggling sport with an education. Support athletes by assisting them in planning their time.
two women looking at a resource
Coaching resources - a quick guide to locating and purchasing
Volume 29 Number 4
A great deal has changed in the sport information field since and this article provides a brief snapshot on coaching information resources and services available.
Volleyball coach
Contingency planning
Volume 29 Number 2
Contingency planning and problem solving are vital components of a coach’s toolbox.  A good coach will have the ability to pre-plan for some of the possibilities, or to come up with creative solutions very quickly after a problem arises.
female triathletes racing in the bike leg
Planning for the individual in a squad environment
Volume 28 Number 2
As coaches, we are very much in the ‘people business’. We have a wonderful opportunity to support and guide people in their self-discovery — both athletically and personally.
Athlete in the gym
Off and pre-season strength and conditioning
Volume 28 Number 4
In professional and institute-based sports, strength and conditioning specialists design, plan and implement training programs for their athletes not only to complete within the season, but also to maintain and in some cases develop fitness qualities in the off-season.
Goal shooter catching a Netball
Tapering: The real art and science of coaching
Volume 28 Number 3
A critical time of the year for coaches and athletes is the taper phase. It is here that training, preparation and the season are all put to the test and athletes make a final improvement in performance.
Basketballers training
Monitoring fitness changes
Volume 27 Number 3
Monitoring changes in fitness is a challenge for coaches and athletes at all levels.  Most coaches are aware of the benefits of monitoring changes in fitness during preparation and competition.
AFL team
Planning for successful teams
Volume 27 Number 2
In this Olympic year, issues of team cohesion and effective teamwork are paramount to the success of any Olympic team.

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