Coach profiles

Peter Bishop and Matt Cowdrey
Thanks Coach! Hayden Stoeckel and Matthew Cowdrey to Peter Bishop
Volume 30 Number 3
Peter Bishop, the man described by many swimmers as the ‘go to coach’ in Adelaide, did not go to the Beijing Olympics or Paralympics.
Annam Meares
Thanks Coach! Anna Meares to Martin Barras
Volume 30 Number 1
When Anna Meares suffered what could have been a career-ending fall at January’s Los Angeles Track World Cup, one person who was constantly by her side in the painful hours that followed was coach Martin Barras.
Hugh McCutcheon
Hugh McCutcheon: Team power outweighs individual desire
Volume 30 Number 3

When US men’s basketball coach Hugh McCutcheon took his team into the Beijing Olympic competition his goal was to ‘out-team’ the highly fancied Russians and Brazilians to be in the running for a medal.

Greg McFadden coaching
Greg McFadden: No watering down coach's approach
Volume 29 Number 3
A team can learn as much from their losses as from their wins, according to Australian women’s water polo coach Greg McFadden as he speaks to Sports Coach shortly after the team’s silver medal effort at the World Championships in Melbourne.
Craig Hillard and Kerrie Taurima
Craig Hilliard: Commonwealth Games coach profile
Volume 29 Number 1
Athletics coach Craig Hilliard considers the Melbourne Commonwealth Games a ‘breakthrough event’ for all of the athletes he coached.
Noel Donaldson
Noel Donaldson: 'Oarsome' coach addresses new challenge
Volume 29 Number 2
'Oarsome Foursome' member and triple Olympic rowing gold medallist James Tomkins regards coach Noel Donaldson as ‘the most influential person in my career’.
Nic and Laurie
Thanks Coach! Nic Henderson to Laurie Fisher
Volume 29 Number 4
For most elite athletes, their coach is the person who helps them finesse the skills required for their sport.  For Brumbies prop Nic Henderson, his coach Laurie Fisher actually had to teach him the game.
Bowler in action
Cameron Curtis: Commonwealth Games coach profile
Volume 29 Number 1
As the song goes, ‘everything old is new again’ and bowls national coach Cameron Curtis says Australian lawn bowls is entering a ‘new era’ after spectacular results at the Commonwealth Games.
Carrie Graf in action
Carrie Graf: Coaching a two-way street
Volume 29 Number 2
Despite having a spectacular record in the Women’s National Basketball League, spending six years and two medal-winning Olympic Games as assistant coach to the Australian Opals and becoming the first Australian to be an assistant and then head coach in the United States Women’s National Basketball Association, Graf remains unconvinced that she has reached the peak of her potential.
Jan Stirling in action
Thanks Coach! Hollie Grima to Jan Stirling
Volume 29 Number 3
With a World Basketball Championship gold medal sitting in her trophy case, it’s easy to see why Opals player Hollie Grima describes coach Jan Stirling as ‘the type of coach who can get the best out of you’.

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