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Computer technology for boxing
What are the research needs of elite coaches?
Volume 29 Number 2
There has been a long held perception amongst some coaches and scientists that research has often been conducted in areas of little interest to coaches and that the results of research are presented through forum inappropriate for coaches.
Basketball coach on phone
Multi-skilling crucial for the modern coach
Volume 29 Number 2
Most of us who have worked at our jobs for any length of time will be able to testify how they have changed over the years – coaching is no exception.
Volleyball coach
Supporting the coach
Volume 29 Number 4
Coaches are great at looking after other people, but for coaches to perform at their best, it is essential that they, too, have someone that looks after them.
Many paths to coaching
Volume 29 Number 4
Many athletes have a new found appreciation for their coaches if they find themselves making the switch from athlete to coach.  Recently there have been a few examples in the professional football codes of high profile athletes making a quick transition to elite coaching, but there are many paths to coaching, one of which is being an athlete in the sport.
Volleyball coach in action
The business of coaching
Volume 29 Number 2
A dash of instinct and flair, plenty of experience and expertise and a whole lot of business nous - just some of what’s needed to be a top-level coach in Australia today.
mother and daughter
Coaching and motherhood
Volume 29 Number 4
Committed coaches are finding ways to combine career and motherhood without stepping away from coaching for prolonged periods. It isn’t easy, but it is becoming more doable. The times, as Bob Dylan said, are a-changin’, and none too soon.
Female gymnast on the beam
Helping coaches and athletes manage change
Volume 29 Number 2
Learning to be a change champion, rather than a change coward, can help you to not only manage yourself in times of change, but also help you to support your athletes.
Children playing soccer
Football fun takes off in Western Australia
Volume 29 Number 4
It’s sports participation at its purest. A program aimed at providing a fun and stimulating environment for children with a disability called Football Fun, which is reaping rewards for coaches, parents and the community, as well as the children, according to Football West Development Coach, Salv Todaro.
A coach talking to their mentor
Volume 28 Number 1
Have you ever wondered why and how individuals 'improve their lot' in life? More often than not it is because they have a role model, friend, adviser or mentor. This critical role in life has now been officially mirrored in sport, and in sports coaching in particular.
Archery coach
What do you coach?
Volume 28 Number 2
How can ‘what do you coach?’ be a trick question? I once answered ‘rugby league’ — to which the smart alec’s reply was ‘surely you coach the kids, not the sport!’ Even though this was meant as a bit of light-hearted fun, the comment offered some food for thought.

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