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The education of a coach cover
The education of a coach
Volume 29 Number 1
The Education of a Coach is about one of the best American Football coaches of this or any era, Bill Belichick.  In a competitive environment where all the rules are designed to create a more even competition, his team, the New England Patriots, won the US National Football League in 2001, 2003 and 2004.
Between the flags cover
Between the flags
Volume 29 Number 3
Between the flags: One Hundred Summers of Australian Surf Lifesaving provides a unique and intriguing review of the history of the Surf Lifesaving movement covering the establishment, growth and development of this unique movement throughout Australia. 
Tools and tips web page
Web pages for beginner coaches and officials
Volume 29 Number 2
To assist new coaches and officials in their role, the Australian Sports Commission, in conjunction with State Departments of Sport and Recreation, has developed a series of web pages: Tools and Tips for New Coaches and Officials. 
The administrative side of coaching cover
The administrative side of coaching: a handbook for applying business concepts to coaching athletics
Volume 29 Number 1
In today’s sporting environment, coaches and program administrators are not only measured on their technical knowledge and achievements, but also their skills and accomplishments as a successful business managers.
Netball team talking
Any Given Team
Volume 29 Number 3
How often have we all heard “That team/club needs to change its culture!”?  Easy to say, but far from easy to do.  Ray McLean’s recently published book explains his approach to how this can be done.
Weight training for AFL players cover
Weight Training for Australian Football
Volume 29 Number 4
Weight Training for Australian Football is a book for people looking for training information that is easy to apply and can be used with a broad base of players.
Sports Physiology for Coaches cover
Sport Physiology for Coaches
Volume 29 Number 2
Sport Physiology for Coaches is designed to help coaches assess, refine, enhance, and improve athletes’ performance through an applied approach to exercise physiology. Written primarily for high school coaches, this practical, user-friendly text not only covers training essentials for muscular and energy fitness, but it also provides the hands-on assessments, forms, and training plans to help you implement the concepts in your training sessions.
Book cover
More than Sunshine and Vegemite - success the Australian way
Volume 29 Number 4
Based heavily on interview and discussion, combined with Jim Ferguson’s own perspective, More than Sunshine and Vegemite – success the Australian way, covers the role and development of the Australian Sports Commission programs and their impact on sport in Australia over the past two decades.
Sport mechanics for coaches - Book Cover
Sport mechanics for coaches
Volume 28 Number 4
Sport mechanics for coaches was written as part of the American Sport Education Program Silver Level curriculum, but also with the intention of it being a practical resource for coaches. The text is specifically designed to introduce sport science topics to students and coaches in an applied manner.
Sports vision
Sports vision: training for better performance
Volume 28 Number 1
Coaches and sports practitioners are always seeking new and innovative ways to enhance the performance of their athletes. In SportsVision: training for better performance, Thomas Wilson and Jeff Falkel provide a number of practical training activities that have been specifically designed to enhance an athlete’s visual skills.

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