Netball court lines
Coaches rights when complaints are made
Volume 31 Number 1
This article provides an insight for the rights of coaches when complaints are made against them using the case of Carter v NSW Netball Association.
Underwater shot of swimming pool
Avoiding successful challenges to selection decisions
Volume 31 Number 1
Coaches selecting teams can face challenges if the selection process and guidelines are not clearly defined.
Junior rugby league players warming up
Playing it safe
Volume 30 Number 3
Creating a safe and positive environment for children at every level of sport in Australia is the aim of new safety guidelines developed by Sports Medicine Australia.
Young skateboarders putting on protection
Risk in sport
Volume 29 Number 1
Is there a point at which the risks associated with a sport make it simply not a viable activity to undertake, or is it accepted that as long as every possible precaution is taken to avoid serious accident or injury, then it’s alright to keep doing it?
Athlete being screened
Pre-season screening and injury prevention
Volume 29 Number 1
This article discusses the use of athlete physical screening, prehabilitation, and includes sport management gems that may assist in a successful season.
Cycling crash
Critical incident management
Volume 29 Number 1
The thought of preparing for an emergency may seem overwhelming and beyond your resources, however a simple structure can be established to ensure you and your organisation have a planned response to managing critical incidents.
netball injury
Coaches and sports injury
Volume 28 Number 4
Should coaches be concerned about sports injury? Can coaches have any impact on the rates of injury in their particular sport?
Ankle Strapping
Considerations for successful taping
Volume 27 Number 2

This article discusses effective taping preparation, technique and removal.

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