Coach using laptop at a cricket match
Universal serial (and very useful) bus
Volume 30 Number 3
Imagine in your pocket a stash of documents, an internet connection, cheap phone calls, even a digital television receiver. A technology called Universal Serial Bus (USB) makes this and more possible for today's mobile coach.
Girl at computer
Cyber bullying an issue for sport
Volume 30 Number 4
Cyber bullying is becoming a significant threat to the safety and wellbeing of a whole generation of young people.
Computer keyboard
Twitter broadens coach communication horizons
Volume 30 Number 4
Twitter allows coaches to share their expertise and keep athletes informed.
Coach on the phone
Team, we have contact: take control of your address book
Volume 29 Number 2
A name, a phone number and an address. Once this was all the information you needed to keep in contact with players, officials and other coaches.But the ways to communicate have multiplied the size of a typical entry in an address book.
Tough enough
Volume 29 Number 4
Analysing stats during a game, managing player lists at training, and taking pictures for the team website, are all examples of tasks that require your gadgets to leave the relative safety of the office.
A coach using the online course
Coaches log on
Volume 29 Number 4
Over 8000 community coaches across Australia have enrolled in the Beginning Coaching General Principles online course since it was launched in January 2007.
Play Manager screen grab
Play makers: software for designing and presenting plays in team sports
Volume 29 Number 1
The limitations of traditional solutions like whiteboard and marker are obvious. Fortunately for most coaches, a six-figure investment in custom software and video equipment is not the only alternative.
Video camera
Lights, camera, action!
Volume 29 Number 3
The twenty-first century coach wears many hats: trainer, motivator, nutritionist, statistician, administrator, accountant and increasingly, movie-maker.
Two computers
Building a web site: a primer
Volume 28 Number 4
In the gung-ho days of the dotcom boom a web site offered, in racing terms, a two-length start on the offline competition. Or so the bookies, also known as stockmarket analysts, promised. When reality brought those dotcom upstarts back to the field, sports coaches were forgiven a nod to their collective judgment in largely resisting the lure.
Coach and athlete looking at a computer
Using information and communications technology in coaching
Volume 28 Number 3
Coaching was traditionally (and still is) the fine art of knowing the athlete and applying years of tried and tested knowledge and experience of the sport to assist them to achieve their goals in sport.

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