Mental preparation

Line judge
Staying at the top of your game
Volume 8 Number 1
Officials who sustain their motivation over a longer period of time are more likely to experience positive results.
Diving judges holding score cards
Keeping your mind on the job
Volume 8 Number 2
The ability to stay focused on the job at hand plays a major role in determining the quality of an official’s performance.
Softball umpire in action
Managing activation levels
Volume 7 Number 2
Officials who aim to produce their optimal performance at all times need to consider their activation levels.
Mental rehearsal
Using mental rehearsal to prepare for officiating
Volume 4 Number 1
Mental rehearsal is an effective tool for officials to assist in their preparation for officiating.
AFL umpire dealing with conflict
Controlling emotion
Volume 3 Number 2
Developing the ability to control emotions and mood states through the application of a few simple psychological skills is beneficial for all sports persons. 
Soccer official in action
Know when to say when
Volume 2 Number 2
Have you gone from a hard-working referee to an over-worked referee? 

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