AFL umpires in discussion at workshop
Staying ahead of the game
Volume 7 Number 2
Despite having a highly successful coaching system in place for maintaining and improving the standard of umpiring, the Australian Football League (AFL) has established a professional development program for umpire coaches to ensure it stays ahead of the game at community level.
Two officials talking
Mentoring moments make the difference for officials
Volume 6 Number 2
Ever encountered a sports problem that you just didn’t have the experience to solve?  Finding a mentor may help.
Basketball officials talking
You are not alone
Volume 6 Number 2
Mentoring can be used as a tool to support officials in their development.  This assists in retention
Official talking to his mentor
Volume 5 Number 1
Mentoring is a highly effective way for new coaches and officials to learn the ‘art’ of their role, and apply theory that they may have learnt in a classroom or through independent study. 
Officials talking
No such thing as retirement
Volume 5 Number 1
While working as an official two weeks ago, I had a chance to listen to several senior officials discussing the topic of retiring from officiating in sport.

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