Physical preparation

Man looking fatigued
Fatigue is no foe with recovery strategies
Volume 8 Number 1
Fatigue is not something that officials should just accept as part and parcel of what they do.
A persons feet on scales
Maintaining a healthy weight
Volume 8 Number 1
Want to shift a few kilos and keep them off? Here's how . . .
People stretching in a gym
Volume 8 Number 2
A practical guide to the type and timing of stretching for active officials.
People running wearing compression garments
Compressive clothing and recovery
Volume 8 Number 2
In recent years compressive sports clothes have become fashionable as a means to reduce injuries, benefit performance and enhance the recovery of athletes.
Jacqui Jashiri umpiring
Planning and preparation for the season
Volume 8 Number 1
How to put in place a professional and personal development plan.
cricket umpire standing behind the stumps
Best make time
Volume 7 Number 2
Officials are like athletes in that they have to perform at their best in every event.
Food buffet
Manage meal times
Volume 7 Number 2
Travel is often a large part of any sporting official’s life. Officials need quality and consistency in their daily fuel to allow for optimum energy and health.
Cricket game in action
Did you see that?
Volume 6 Number 2
No doubt many referees, umpires and judges have all heard the call – did you see that?  Spectators, athletes, coaches and commentators can be quick to voice their difference of opinion surrounding an official’s decision. People do see things differently and it’s not just our bias that clouds our judgement.
Rugby League in action
Warm-up and stretching guidelines for officials
Volume 6 Number 1
Warm-up routines are widely adopted by players in most individual and team sports.  Officials performing physically active duties should also consider the benefits of a well-structured warm-up routine prior to competition and fitness training sessions. 
Hockey game in action
Nutrition for field officials
Volume 3 Number 2
Specific nutrition strategies are important for officials with  high activity levels. However, all field officials can benefit from improved nutrition and proper hydration strategies.

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