Julie Ashton-Lucy
Julie Ashton-Lucy, Hockey
Volume 7 Number 2
An uncanny ability to read the game and an incredible sense of timing once made Julie Ashton-Lucy one of the top hockey defenders in the country. Now those traits have made the Queenslander one of the best umpires in the world.
Jacqui Jashari umpiring netball game
Jacqui Jashari, Netball
Volume 7 Number 1
This article profiles netball umpire Jacqui Jashari, who has been umpiring for 15 years and always strives for excellence.
Cricket in action
Andrew Scotford, Cricket
Volume 7 Number 1
Andrew Scotford is the Umpiring Manager for Cricket Australia, this article outlines his philopshopy and thoughts on changing the face of umpiring.  
Tammy Ogston refereeing at FIFA Women's World Cup 2007
Tammy Ogston and Mark Shield, Football
Volume 7 Number 1
When Australian football referees Tammy Ogston and Mark Shield were named best referees in the Asian region late last year, it marked a turning point in Australian football.
Megan Thompson, basketball - 'Triple play'
Volume 6 Number 2
It’s taken the birth of triplets to slow down internationally recognised basketball referee Megan Thompson, but it will not sideline her for long.
Gymnastics vault
Allana Slater - Judging gymnast vaults to new heights
Volume 6 Number 2
What does a former Olympic athlete do when she’s looking for adrenalin, excitement, fascination and continuing involvement in her sport? If you are Allana Slater, you become an international gymnastics judge.
Soccer game in action
Ben Wilson, Football - World Cup 'buzz' for Aussie official
Volume 6 Number 1
Walking onto the pitch of a packed stadium in front of 60,000 boisterous fans during one of the world’s biggest sporting events — the 2006 FIFA World Cup — was the pinnacle of a 15-year journey for Australia’s assistant referee Ben Wilson.
Track cycling in action
Peter Tomlinson, cycling official - Passion is the key
Volume 5 Number 2
On the outside, cycling commissaire (referee) Tomlinson Tomlinson appears calm, measured and in control, but just underneath the surface burns a passion for the sport he has devoted a decade of his life to as an official.
Softball official in action
Neville Lawrance, softball - 'Bloody mongrel'...but a 'bloody' good one
Volume 5 Number 1
Being referred to in a strangely affectionate way as that ‘bloody mongrel’ is something Neville Lawrance has come to accept after 23 years as a softball umpire.
Female Squash players in action
Chris Sinclair, Squash official leads the way
Volume 4 Number 1
Ironically, Australia’s most recognised squash referee Chris Sinclair knows she’s done a good job when no one notices her.

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