Sailing in action
David Tillett, Sailing - Passion paves way to best seat in the house
Volume 4 Number 2
A legal background, dedication and a passion for yachting have taken David Tillett to the top of his sport.
Female sprinters
Janet Nixon, Athletics - No photo finish needed for top Aussie official
Volume 4 Number 2
Being the first woman to become an international photo-finish official is an honour that is almost lost on down-to-earth athletics official Janet Nixon. She’s more concerned about doing her job well at whatever level she’s officiating.
Tim Mander, Rugby League
Volume 4 Number 2
Tim Mander, a Rugby League referee, lived in the shadows of Bill Harrigan but his persistance paid off and he too became a leading official in the sport.
Female Gymnast finishing her routine
Anne Bigham, Gymnastics - Stamping out bias
Volume 3 Number 1
The look of absolute disbelief on the face of a young gymnast on seeing her score at the Los Angeles Olympics launched Australian judge Anne Bigham on a crusade to stamp out bias in the sport she has devoted her life to.
Wheelchair Basketball
Gabe Caligiuri, Wheelchair basketball and rugby referee
Volume 2 Number 2
Gabe Caligiuri has travelled the world refereeing and has made some life long friends along the way.

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